Film Theory: Predicting Loki's Final TWIST! (Marvel Loki)
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Theorist, we are reaching the end of season one of the Loki Disney+ series. Before it ends, I have one more BIG prediction and I think I may have figured it all out. We all have been thinking that the series is building up to some reveal of Kang the Conqueror. The big question is WHO will it be? I think the answer has been in front of our noses all along... and I don't mean Agatha.

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Writers: Matthew Patrick and Bob Chipman
Editors: Forrest Lee, Koen Verhagen, and Danial "BanditRants" Keristoufi
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

  • MIXERrrRRrRrr

    Nope you wrong

  • Gian Gioia
    Gian Gioia

    Johnathan Majors was already confirmed to be Kang… so you think this is a misdirect? My bet is Revonna is actually Kang’s mother. And he who remains set his iron lad self into motion through Miss Minutes giving Revonna the information.

  • lambokiddo roblox
    lambokiddo roblox

    We need season 2

  • Liam Zurella
    Liam Zurella

    You were right about kang

  • King Cameron
    King Cameron

    You forgot that Jonathan Majors was already cast as Kang

  • niduoe stre
    niduoe stre

    Matt just lost all of his dogecoin

  • aarav bhaskar
    aarav bhaskar

    Thanos : I am the strongest being in this universe!! Kang: hold my universes

  • Oscar Comunidad
    Oscar Comunidad


  • minij hooi
    minij hooi

    guess the obvious answer was actually the right answer

  • Silkyman6

    I mean yes but no...

  • Tigol Biddies
    Tigol Biddies

    I mean, no

  • Spideyfan 48
    Spideyfan 48

    I give him no credit for this

  • Foxy999Jack320

    I feel bad how this didn't fully plan out and that the series ending on a cliff hanger so maybe

  • Kevin Dufresne
    Kevin Dufresne

    She's a variant of Kang, and that's what He Who Remains showed her instead of the creation of the TVA

    • minij hooi
      minij hooi

      Your theory was very sound but I am glad that it was wrong she feels more powerful as the second-in-command

  • FireFly

    This man never ceases to break my brain

  • PurplMayhem

    haha, well, there's always season 2...

  • Ahlamkin

    I actually thought the judge was going to be his daughter. I still think that's going to be the case in the next season.

  • Jamie Wilby
    Jamie Wilby

    "Only comics comics fans are gonna be alluded to the name khang" Lego marvel superheroes fans: *sad lego noises*

  • Jamie Wilby
    Jamie Wilby

    I love how binging with babish is one of the "algorithm" keepers

  • Steven Andersen
    Steven Andersen

    Better than the reality, at least for now.

  • Katie Anderson
    Katie Anderson

    I'm watching this video after episode 6 and its kinda funny.

  • Ranjith Thomas
    Ranjith Thomas

    Petition for Matthew Patthew to make a fanfic

  • Ranjith Thomas
    Ranjith Thomas

    I want to see a fabric from you

  • magiccorycatlover

    you got it wrong :(

  • Uncle Iroh
    Uncle Iroh

    Well you were wrong my friend

  • Hana Blackwood
    Hana Blackwood

    my immediate impression of that house was 'x-men manner' so while I love film theory, I hope this one is wrong... this time

  • man in a haystack
    man in a haystack

    Your theory was very sound but I am glad that it was wrong she feels more powerful as the second-in-command

  • bork doge
    bork doge

    Film theory can’t even make perfect theory’s on marvel films because they like to trick their Audience

  • Andrew MSheppard
    Andrew MSheppard

    Don't forget S02

  • Nola Rekerdres
    Nola Rekerdres

    Who’s watching this after seeing the last episode?

  • Other Matthew
    Other Matthew

    I certainly thought He Who Remains had a similar character trope to Rick Sanchez

  • Joel Fitzgerald
    Joel Fitzgerald

    Silent hill game theory plz

  • Dj timelords
    Dj timelords

    Hey mattpat remember the 'anti' depression thing was called NEXUS :0

  • Tahir Mcfarlane
    Tahir Mcfarlane

    Theory: The One Who Remains is a variant of Kang.... It All make sense No?

  • Alchemy Afton
    Alchemy Afton

    WAIT! Idea: what if later in S.2. we see that Ravona was really just another Kang and the one that died is the one who remains from his timeline and she is the one who remains from hers. Confusing, but could be true.

  • fadairo gbenga
    fadairo gbenga

    Bro, no disrepect but you're losing your touch

  • Rahul nijhawan
    Rahul nijhawan

    At the end of the episode when we see the statue at the tva it was kang's statue not he who remains cause statue we saw was wearing kang's costume from comics not he who remains So the tva at the end was ruled by kang not he who remains

  • hen ko
    hen ko

    Is this the fastest a theory has been disproved? I genuinely wanna know. 'Cause regardless it can't feel good.

  • Wolphman 77
    Wolphman 77

    There not accurate at all.

  • Wolphman 77
    Wolphman 77

    You mean false predictions.

  • Obsidian Reborn
    Obsidian Reborn

    “It’s wasn’t agatha all along”

  • Aurav Singh
    Aurav Singh

    Congrats on 10 mil mat pat

    • hen ko
      hen ko

      eyy congratz 10 millll woooo

  • Andrew McDonald
    Andrew McDonald

    I like Matt Pat but his comic book theories are always way off. Lol

  • Spartan Fox
    Spartan Fox

    haha oof

  • Andy Hodgson
    Andy Hodgson


  • Phantom

    Can you please do an episode on the new Disney + series M.O.D.O.K

    • Rahul nijhawan
      Rahul nijhawan


  • Anirudh Saxena
    Anirudh Saxena

    Hand over your dogecoins mate (Nice theory btw)

  • Lego Bros
    Lego Bros

    You gambled and you losed

  • female papyrus
    female papyrus

    The second of kang is correct but it's a bit different

  • THat guy
    THat guy


  • Charming nowhere to hide
    Charming nowhere to hide

    Is this the fastest a theory has been disproved? I genuinely wanna know. 'Cause regardless it can't feel good.

  • Eggy big bo
    Eggy big bo

    just missed it

  • That Witch
    That Witch

    I really should've watched this before watching the finale..

  • Evan Fuller
    Evan Fuller

    WAIT I NEED HELP! So is the He Who Remains (and all his variants) Kang the Conqueror? Or wait is he a variant of Kang? Is Kang a variant of him? Is this who He Who Remains meant when referring to his more dangerous selves? Am I a variant of Kang? Could you prove or disprove that? Who am I? Does time exist? If the space time continuum is the fabric of reality then how would a multiverse work with that? …

    • Epic Muffin
      Epic Muffin


    • vatem


    • Charming nowhere to hide
      Charming nowhere to hide


  • PandaLoky _
    PandaLoky _

    eyy congratz 10 millll woooo

  • Pkmn Trainer Red
    Pkmn Trainer Red

    I just thought of this random thing: Thanos is (or was) Omnipotent and Kang is Almost Omnipresent (time travel go brrrrrrrrrrrr) so now we just need a Omniscient villain to form a trio with the 3 qualities of god: Omnipotent, Omnipresent and Omniscient

  • Pkmn Trainer Red
    Pkmn Trainer Red

    I think the Kang statues kinda debunk this theory but hey it might just be Ravonna in a kind of costume that just makes the wearer look like a more masculine, buff figure regardless of their gender

  • Pkmn Trainer Red
    Pkmn Trainer Red

    Also about the egg and chicken thing, EGG came first since 1: Dinosaur eggs is a thing and as much as IIRC the evolution process means that the 1st Dinosaur ever must've hatched from a Egg of a bit non Dinosaur creature, meaning its Egg came first 2: Chickens are VEEEEEEEEEEEEERY closely related to Dinosaurs in terms of DNA so we can count dinosaur eggs as kinda chicken eggs too

  • The 2nd Worst at Games
    The 2nd Worst at Games

    Proposed theory: In Infinity War, Doctor Strange looked into the future and he saw over a million possibilities of how the battle against Thanos would go, right? But if Kang had made the timeline to be exact and strictly perfect where even walking the wrong path to work would cause a nexus event, then how could Strange see any possibilities other than the one? My personal opinion: Kang had placed multiple false visions in his head in order to keep the illusion of possibilities despite the fact that they were always going to defeat Thanos

    • The 2nd Worst at Games
      The 2nd Worst at Games

      Yep sounds bout right

    • kitkatkruncher3

      Because Kang ran the scenarios, he knew what strange would do and let him see the various potential timeline and obviously knew he would choose the course for the one where they win. If anything happened to divert the timeline then the TVA would just reset things like they are supposed to.

    • The Incredible Hulk
      The Incredible Hulk

      Hehe, I like this theory.

  • Chilvex

    She worked at a school :|

  • Misima

    Next time on Film theory: Asteroid Hit earth 65 million years ago. Captain America was frozen. They both have A. There must be connection.

  • TheSubtleCow

    See you in season 2 :3

  • Santa Fanta
    Santa Fanta

    I've watched the last episode and found out that the same person that's in the chair is the actor that plays Kang maybe I don't know so you could be right.

  • Eth Gaming
    Eth Gaming

    who was disapointed with episode 6 after watching this theory

  • Ayub Ali
    Ayub Ali

    Matpats theory has never ever been right even once

  • qwerty ijk
    qwerty ijk

    dosent flash follow the similar plot of time travel with savatar

  • Ayden Burton
    Ayden Burton

    I mean it could be kang

  • Michael Brown
    Michael Brown

    it really was just a theory, a FILM theory

    • Michael Brown
      Michael Brown

      also i think the whole ravonna thing isnt as plausable, i think marvel wouldn't stoop so low as to make a genderswapped villian just to pander to current topics. dont get me wrong ive enjoyed the recent female focus but thats because they didnt change the canon for it (except captain marvel debatably) but ravonna being the side villian turning into the main villian just feels wrong, its like one of thanos' thug crew members overtaking thanos (whos meant to be one of the most powerful villians). kang is recognizable, ravonna not so much, therefore why would they not go for the obvious choice? i know its already been revealed that it is the original kang, i just thought i should give my thoughts on the topic.

  • Maximo Martinez
    Maximo Martinez



    And so the creator was... some guy that discovered how to time travel.

  • Shadow Spector
    Shadow Spector

    Thanos was Omnipotent. Kang is Omniscient. Now we need a villain who’s Omnipresent.

  • Ayoub el garh
    Ayoub el garh

    guys do you know what movie is that arg killian character is from?

  • Acommenter

    The caption at 7:00 are funny

  • jordan centola
    jordan centola

    He def walked out of the door and tild us his plan......

  • Thor Slam
    Thor Slam

    Well this didn't age well...

  • Midnight Phantom
    Midnight Phantom

    I wish Marvel would bring the first Human Torch back and make him a good character

  • Stephanie Leonard
    Stephanie Leonard

    You were wrong it wasn’t a gender swap they both just look different!

  • Ask to seduce Miss
    Ask to seduce Miss

    4:35 you literally proved this theory wrong with these 2 pictures

  • Robert Mauldin
    Robert Mauldin

    The creator of the TVA is actually a varient of kang

  • Audra Davila
    Audra Davila

    Mat Pat can you do happy tree friends ?

  • survivor of the end
    survivor of the end

    matpat will come back from the void

  • IgKnighter

    if the sacred timeline is just one timeline then it should be impossible for a timeline branch

    • Ask to seduce Miss
      Ask to seduce Miss

      Do a theory on how the infinity stones could possibly work

  • Oria Yacov
    Oria Yacov

    matpat: im playing both sides, so that i always come on top.

  • Becca Jackaman
    Becca Jackaman

    Oof, so close, and yet so very far away. Still, I love the idea of Rennslayer being Kang (maybe Season 2 will do something with this? Maybe??)

  • The Cool Stuff Show
    The Cool Stuff Show

    Can you talk about hiding in my hame please?

  • Nebojsa Stojmenovic
    Nebojsa Stojmenovic

    Your typical western propganda jn Marvel movies

  • Rylz Afable
    Rylz Afable

    I laugh when he get pruned and said coward

  • Adam K
    Adam K

    Damm again mcu had to change the ending lol

  • Isla McDougall
    Isla McDougall

    do a theory on Luca if you can!

  • never forget
    never forget

    Im glad this is wrong and went to more interesting route.

  • Gordon Lowe
    Gordon Lowe

    I'm watching this after the episode six drop, and he was partially right, surprisingly.

  • Woogieman4274

    So close

  • Yaw Jnr
    Yaw Jnr

  • Shawn Pruitt
    Shawn Pruitt

    Do a theory on how the infinity stones could possibly work

  • Akiva Daphydd
    Akiva Daphydd

    So, how much Dogecoin did you lose, MatPat?

  • KR4FT3D

    10:26 somethings wrong here

    • xrrxy vvoi
      xrrxy vvoi

      points to figure out how you can rile up the most engagement without having to do any actual work. Must be nice

  • Chris Chikwanda
    Chris Chikwanda

    little did he know he was wrong

  • Henry Davis
    Henry Davis

    This theory didn't even make sense when there where five episodes you literally showed that a different actor was playing many in antman obviously she wasn't kang

  • Bryn Jean
    Bryn Jean

    It would be interesting if they ended up making Renslayer a Kang variant as well

  • Eli Rorke
    Eli Rorke

    They have THE SAME CHIN