Film Theory: We're Watching Evil Morty's Origin Story! (Rick and Morty Season 5)
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This season of Rick and Morty feels different... and I'm not the only one to think so! Many fans of the series have pointed out how this felt like a return to season on Rick and Morty, dropping the more overarching story feel of the past few seasons. I think that was done for a REASON! A reason that I think is based on something fans have been asking to see for a long time - Evil Morty's origin story! Theorists, get ready for a wild timey-wimey ride!

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Writer: Matthew Patrick and Justin Kuiper
Editor: Pedro Freitas, Alex "Sedge" Sedgwick, and Tyler Mascola
Assistant Editor: Caitie Turner (viridianrosette)
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

  • Benjamin Gardiner
    Benjamin Gardiner

    I also noticed the 14 thing, it seemed way too obvious of a mistake for the writters to have made.

  • Jeffrey Mendoza
    Jeffrey Mendoza

    Okay this blew my mind especially since Rick isn’t drinking

  • ZadDan Cowboy
    ZadDan Cowboy

    11:45 THE ANSWER IS... Beth will let him down

  • ImTheBestMayne

    I think the ageing argument is a little weak, honestly. Rick and Morty has never been concerned with actually aging characters up. It feels kind of more like starting with a theory and trying to force things to work with it. I do like the idea of watching Evil Morty's arc, though. Also I somewhat feel like when the writings said there will be a lot of cannon in season 5, they are not necessarily talking about Morty. I personally think it will have to do more with Rick and Dianne.

  • Trillion Zillion
    Trillion Zillion

    Season 5 Rick barely *burps*

  • Sketchy DJs
    Sketchy DJs

    Before even watching the video this would explain why season 5 is just SO DRY in comparison to 1-4

  • Anshuman Sinha
    Anshuman Sinha

    But Rick says in one episode that he is Rick c-137

  • littleApricot_Princess

    I noticed a lot of fans were complaining about the season 5 so far & thanks to this video I realized why. Apparently, most of fans view most episodes as Rick and Morty with Rick C-137 & I doubt even before s5 most episodes are with Rick c-137. Yes, some episodes are even clear on that one but I can't believe fans didn't think that, for example, Christmas episodes might two different realities. Think about it. At the end of season one e11 Nancy ditched Summer, yet in S4, Christmas episode, Nancy appears & she's Summer's friend, they were listening to snake jazz. Just saying. I love the show so far & I love it's randomness. I think the writers are doing a good job & they actually still have infinite opportunities to keep this show going or ending. After all, the show is about adventures of Rick and Morty.

  • Jamie Yeo
    Jamie Yeo

    One thing to sort of break this.. when planatina is flying above house after the breakup the burial mounds are in back yard so it is 137 rick and morty

  • Ewiryh

    Whatever the reason may be that this season feels off, I hope it's planned, and not another 'gas leak year'.

  • Mystical 13
    Mystical 13

    6:00 No that's why he is not allowed to touch the ocean that's when he fucked the mermaid.

  • Varun Singh
    Varun Singh

    i know im a bit late, but i just want to say i think you missed something in the first episode of season 5, when rick and Mr. Nimbus where making the contract Mr. Nimbus says that he is king of the ocean, to which rick replies "the place where I sh*t? Go ahead" or something along those lines, wasn't rick being a shy pooper impotant to one of the themes or some character development or something, it's been a while since a watched rick and morty so i dont remember

  • Yodax Boi
    Yodax Boi

    Obviously mistakes lol

  • Rebeca Stoesser
    Rebeca Stoesser

    Dude. I thought u where on to my theory. Nah for me it’s always been evil morty. Our morty is evil morty. Always has been.

  • sage diamond
    sage diamond

    --- matt --- i'm guessing that when rick invented the portal gun, it was random ricks in multiverse who did it first n they started a rick slaughter like what we saw in the fake backstory, the ABC universe theory works but has also been convoluted because of ricks self hate self destructive nature destroying the "simple ricks" across the board and this is just his first multi-verse lapse...

  • TheGalek

    What if this was intentional and these are how they wanted the characters to act like this but then they realize that it’s a continuations error and realized “oh yeah… yeah… we can do this now…”

  • Rai Jolt
    Rai Jolt

    my mind is already blown and the season isnt even over yet...

  • B.Zavaleta

    I like your theories mat and I know they're just ideas and to take them with a grain of salt but this one is a pretty big stretch in my opinion. Your overlooking a lot of continuity stuff in here.

  • Danny De La Cruz
    Danny De La Cruz

    Has he even been right at this point?

  • RomanoProductions

    The Mattest Matt is always an evil analyst 🎯

  • Matthew Costello
    Matthew Costello

    Morty doesn't need the eyepatch, it was a one off prop

  • Xeon Night
    Xeon Night

    in the background of the planetina episode when she flies off from the house one of the times the graves in the backyard that have c - 132 rick and morty in them are clearly visible

  • M L
    M L

    Mort-ist Rick and the rick-ist morty

  • Jacob Budd
    Jacob Budd

    Remember when morty was confident and had no downsides his gf at the time said he was from the midwest

  • Ceddy Bear
    Ceddy Bear

    Where did the portal gun go?

  • moogsynth87

    I was telling my wife the other day that something was off with this season. I think the turkeys from the other day proved it.

  • R R
    R R

    Story Train specifically made fun of stuff like this

  • Colin Nelson
    Colin Nelson

    Theory: they stopped trying to be dramatic and just want to make a fun show, a thing they have referenced multiple times

  • Lord Tachocolate
    Lord Tachocolate

    Don’t they mention c-137 at some point

  • ShadowGolem86

    Does Summer mentioning "keep summer safe" to the Car break this theory?

  • Alex Mudabbir
    Alex Mudabbir

    But what now? I think episode 6/7 they mention that it is c-137

  • O'Malley Caboose 5
    O'Malley Caboose 5

    Evil Morty only wore the patch to hide the control device

  • You Tube
    You Tube

    Rick clearly loved Unity so he is just being a hypocrite which he often is…..not off to a good start bubba Basically all cartoon shows timelines don’t make sense with their age, they never age 0 for 2

  • Derka Der 89
    Derka Der 89

    and here I was thinking it was just character growth! How naive i was...

  • George Hall
    George Hall

    About the atlantis thing he mentions it in the episode with mr nibus :/

  • Jasper Lutz Severino
    Jasper Lutz Severino

    Episode 07 shows C-137 though :/

  • Sakurakun

    Episode 7 got leaked and other ricks called our s5 rick c-137 in that episode. Soooooo ye

  • Oran _
    Oran _

    This is an amazing theory and a completely brilliant reason for all the inconsistencies, but unfortunately things like the Shingeki No Kyojin manga finale and game of thrones finale have shattered my expectations for such twists and cleverness.

  • Patrick drip
    Patrick drip

    Mat pat: *doing theories* Me: WUBBA LUBBA DUB DUB

  • James s r Bond
    James s r Bond

    Evil Morty will no longer be showing up in these future episodes we might as well just let it go

  • Rebecca Michaels
    Rebecca Michaels

    I wonder how matpat will react when his theory was canonically denied

  • The Dark Wolf
    The Dark Wolf

    Matpat the Atlantic episode was referenced in the nimbus episode

    • The Dark Wolf
      The Dark Wolf

      Also in the planet Tina episode you can see the grave of rick and Morty from the dimension after the bug unified the old one

  • Towll

    Episode 7 disproves this as the heads of the gotron families directly call Rick C-137

  • Whynotal _
    Whynotal _

    MATPAT take notice of season 1 episode 10

  • bodoti qwiu
    bodoti qwiu

    they teleported the house. Ep 7 References Ep 4 and Rick is confirmed as c137.

  • DieselexKore

    Rick and Nimbus mention the offscreen adventure that Rick and Morty had in Atlantis.

  • General G
    General G

    If there is the rickiest rick there must be the mortiest morty 🧐 and what if thats why they cant share the same universe they cannot coe exist

  • Feedsomefood

    Couldn't he be a clone

    • Feedsomefood

      @bodoti qwiu exactly i think he's a clone. Which could explain his eye patch wires

    • bodoti qwiu
      bodoti qwiu

      Anyone else thought about the fact that in episode 2 the real Rick and Morty could have died in this timeline, with a decoy family being the ones at the end who survived. Evil

  • Jean-François Tremblay
    Jean-François Tremblay

    The Simpson's have had dozens of Christmas and Halloween episodes. Same with Pokémon. And yet Bart and Ash are the same age they've always been. Not a stretch by any imagination.

  • SlippySlappySam

    What about in the planetina episode? You can see the graves of Rick and Morty from season 1 in the back yard. Which confuses me further making me believe these are either the same Rick and morty or is the a branch of Rick at morty at the same timeline as our canon Rick and morty that leads to the season 1 finale where evil morty controls evil rick

  • Exotic God
    Exotic God

    multiple C-137’s if this is accurate what about in S5E3 when we saw the graves which are supposed to be what happened when C-137 came to the replacement dimension

  • ⭐️ ƺꫀꪊᦓ ⭐️
    ⭐️ ƺꫀꪊᦓ ⭐️

    Anyone know the song for this?

  • Ad

    I’m glad I’m not the only one who is addicted to Alison Brie

  • Mishkata Bg
    Mishkata Bg

    I fucking knew it!!!

  • civilcynic

    Alright I really like this theory but the "morty should have aged" part is rickdiculous CARTOON CHARACTERS DONT AGE. I'm sick of here theories around why Ash ketcum or bart simpson or morty smith are the same age years later. Even the deeper more adult cartoons like rick and morty don't bother with it cause why would they? If you want proof that rick and morty is a universe where ageing doesn't matter then think about how we've seen litterally hundreds of different versions of morty but we've never once seen and adult morty or even one that appears slightly older than the rest. Good theory but age is rarely a factor in cartoons

  • It'syeeOLEDskoolFurry

    Yo. It's called: NO ONE KNOWS HOW to make good programing anymore (NOT TALKING ABOUT ISnets) in the 2020s. Everything is a HOT MESS of NASTY SHIZNIZZLE.

  • Will Foley
    Will Foley

    Chuddely duddely ho ho ho

  • Refinity 2
    Refinity 2

    in season 5 episode 7 of rick and morty, the ricks that rick hired to build a big robot called rick c137 (you can watch rick and morty on and episode 7 got leaked i think)

  • Maika San
    Maika San

    I just realize morty is more confident in this season

  • Niels Dillen
    Niels Dillen

    Rick acted immature when his relationship with unity ended. He’s just a hypocrite who pretends to stand above emotion but he clearly doesnt. Rick might just be softening up. When they went to atlantis bedore, they did so in secret (they even bring it up when nimbus and rick are arguing). When morty had the time-remote he was confident because evry mistake he made could be erased. With that confidence he learned to act more mature. But when living in the moment, and teen hormones acting up, acting diffrent in a new relationship isnt that strange at all. It’s a fun theory but bending over backwatds to avoid some of the evidence thats clearly there (like the graves in the backyard to show that this is the rick and morty from season 1) why go through the effort of drawing those graves in the yard when they’re not supposed to exist yet?

  • Dewang Gupta
    Dewang Gupta

    in episode 7 it's confirmed rick is from c-137

  • Josey Strife
    Josey Strife

    There are so many holes in this theory its ridiculous

  • EDitorials

    Anyone else thought about the fact that in episode 2 the real Rick and Morty could have died in this timeline, with a decoy family being the ones at the end who survived. Evil morty has wires behind his eye and built a decoy Rick to be his Rick, or at least controlled that Rick - so what if Morty discovers that he is a decoy in the end and it pushes him off the edge?

  • Skelly

    Well, this theory is impossible. I’m honestly surprised you guys missed so much, but I guess you were just convinced that the shows writers wouldn’t make so many lazy and obvious mistakes. There are things in this season like the “keep summer safe” and the graves in the yard that show that it’s C-137, but they also outright said it in episode 7. I think it’s just completely lost its touch if I’m being honest. Rick and Morty officially fell off in my opinion.

  • Hector Martinez Velazquez
    Hector Martinez Velazquez

    What a waste of time but at least I didn't make a video on youtube

  • Bagzo

    rick talks about fucking a mermaid in the first episode of season 5. but in the episode where they go to atlantis, he claims the same thing, so maybe it is the same universe/dimension. plus other things, such as their own graves in the background of one episode.

  • Joshua Correa
    Joshua Correa

    In ep 7 they say c-137

  • Neon

    your forgetting about the rick and morty clones

  • wolfpacsyxx

    Season 5 every episode is absolute crap the show sucks now

  • Yoloswagpro Bro
    Yoloswagpro Bro

    Didn’t one of the episodes literally establish them as C137

    • An account of 0 interest
      An account of 0 interest

      yeah episode 7 did, this video was made before that though

  • John Wallisch
    John Wallisch

    In episode 5 the ship recalls the keep summer safe. In the most recent episode another Rick called Rick C-137. I think they just forgot how to write the characters tbh

  • Yoloswagpro Bro
    Yoloswagpro Bro

    It’s called character development but ok

  • Iyk Maduakor
    Iyk Maduakor

    Was convinced on this theory when Atlantis was brought up

  • Nahng

    Only seeing the free to watch episodes on the "adult swim" website, I'm theorizing Rick and Morty is a shell of its former shelf and has been sold more times than most can count.

  • Steve Mcrousy
    Steve Mcrousy

    Ok the atlantis thing was mentioned in the episode something about intercoarse with a mermaid if I remember correctly which very well could have happened during the off screen adventure

  • FRfighter

    in season 5 ep 7 rick is referred to as c-137

  • King Rich
    King Rich

    Watch: The Fall of The Simpsons: How it Happened Could Rick & Morty be sharing the same fate?

  • Flabby011

    the title is obviously a lie, the writers wouldn't put story in this season

  • Sir Luther Lloyd
    Sir Luther Lloyd

    Rick hasn’t burped ones this season

  • Double A
    Double A

    Season 5 is already better than 4.

  • Felicity Claire
    Felicity Claire

    Okay so like, even if that were all true and the reason this season is so weird and off is because its not the rickiest Rick, it is HUGE creative risk to sabotage the most beloved character for the sake of a huge canon arc that most people aren't going to pick up on. And it doesn't really excuse how boring I found the last two eps (just my personal opinion though) so I can't be like, oh all is forgiven. Like no, I've had to watch Rick be duped over and over, fall in love?! Never get out with a plan for an entire season? I can't excuse that for the sake of some wider arc that I'm not yet clued in on. Also all this feels a bit "Secret good fourth Sherlock episode" does anyone remember that? When Sherlock fans convinced themselves there was a secret episode in series 4 that was going to suddenly justify and rationalise all the crap they'd just watched? I'm not saying Rick & Morty is crap, I've liked a lot of s5, but if feels like the audience are trying make mental leaps and find evidence to justify something, that in the end, might just be a pretty poor, inconsistent season. Hope I'm wrong though.

  • Jeppe 23
    Jeppe 23

    Dude rick talked about the mermaids to nimbus

  • RedJoker 75
    RedJoker 75

    Alternate theory: Is it possible that dumb Rick is Evil Morty’s Rick?

  • 1 2
    1 2

    GG episode 7 already denied this theory

  • Marco António
    Marco António

    A week has passed and no one talks about the leaked episode 7 on July 19? At 7min 12sec, Rick is called "C137", and kinda flaws the amazing theory of Evil Morty season...

  • Spork the fork
    Spork the fork

    Well you forgot to mention that Rick said him and morty banged a bunch of mermaids and me nimbus says “that was you” meaning he did not know that he touched the ocean

  • Lumpy Milk
    Lumpy Milk

    What the fans of the show need is for this season to be worse intentionally

  • lildude

    apparenetly it is the c-137 rick and morty, in the new episode 7 one of the ricks calls him c-137

  • Reed Lazore
    Reed Lazore

    One thing about the first episode is that rick does mention getting "mermaid puss" and mr nimbus responded with "I KNEW that was you"

  • Leo Liu
    Leo Liu

    I wish you were right, this season has been the worst of all season so far

  • Sowel 44
    Sowel 44

    As far as I'm concerned this was confirmed the moment rick started hanging out with other ricks.

  • JosephL31

    you can see rick and mortys graves in the plantina episode but what if Morty couldn’t handle all the trauma and that’s what makes him snap and I in one episode he kills Rick and then he freaks out like him having to bury himself in the start and then after that him having to go through all that heartbreak and stuff and then rick just being a total jerk he is, this might just be an alternate version of what could’ve happened to c-137

  • Lihte

    Theory: in the Planet talent show episode Morty sees a picture of rick holding morty but morty notices that it isnt him. Meaning maybe rick c137 is evil morty's rick. When he ask bird person who it is bird person changes the subject

  • Serious Special Sarcastic Silly Spontaneous Potato
    Serious Special Sarcastic Silly Spontaneous Potato

    To be honest, something like this shouldn't even surprise anyone, honestly. The season literally opened with Rick admitting to be a "Weak, Small, little man."

  • Marksman Drilla
    Marksman Drilla

    It’s actually the future

  • josh trotter
    josh trotter

    Ok but Rick tould nimbus about smashing Mirmade is puss and he was like i knows that was you

  • Blink Bruh
    Blink Bruh

    Ok there is one huge, and i mean huge plot hole... How is Space Beth with them at the end of ep 2, if we are following a different Morty?

  • shadow

    the smartest rick would have the dummest morty

  • Jordon East
    Jordon East

    BART Simpson‘s been the same age for over 30 years